He Laid the Smack Down

“Hey, he laid the smack down on those guys today,” said my smiling coworker to his boss who joined our conversation.

The words hit me like a surge of electricity and I felt my stomach start to turn. I looked at the manager who was nodding approvingly as I could feel my face physically contour from the surprise I felt.

“Well, I…,” I trailed off.

“Well, no, I just said what needed to be said,” I finished.

I immediately felt a sinking feeling in my gut as the conversation continued.

“He really thinks I laid the smack down,” I thought to myself. The words seemed so condescending – so different from who I am and how I define myself.

The words bothered me the rest of the day. I definitely can stand up for myself, make the tough choices, face confrontation head on, and say what needs to be said but the assertion that one “would lay the smack down” brought visions of a condescending individual that behaves that way because they know they can.

It made me wonder if some people aren’t able to see the line and allow it to blur or perhaps see no line at all.

I think I will leave the laying down of the smack to the person who does it the best – The Rock.

I would associate "laying the smack down" more with this individual than myself...

I would associate “laying the smack down” more with this individual than myself…

Image Courtesy of http://www.fanpop.com


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