The Words on the Page

Words on the Page

Saying goodbye to yesterday,

Leaving me in a stupor,

Leaving me in a haze,

Dreams of what I once was,

What I perceived,

What I thought it should be,

The clash of dreams and reality,

A mirage left unseen.


The words on the page,

Meant only to read,

Never to be acted,

Never to be seen.

A fairy tale,

A fantasy,

The words on the page,

They were made to dance,

Just not for me.


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10 thoughts on “The Words on the Page

      • All is well, thank you. My poems are inspired from feelings and perspectives I have had at various times in my life. Some of those I still feel but others have passed. Sometimes, inspiration can come from the strangest of places. I will see something or hear a song that reminds me of an event or time in my life.

        Thank you! That certainly is very sweet of you to say. I appreciate it!


    • Thank you Gabriele! I really appreciate the compliment! I’ve submitted once to a poetry contest and think I would like to become more active in that.

      I’ve also explored putting together an anthology on my own. I will certainly let everyone know about any new developments and if it comes to fruition!


    • Thank you for the kind words. They are appreciated. I’ve found that you don’t necessarily need to present many words to convey a powerful message. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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