Status Quo

Some food for thought…

The Haunted Lullaby

Is it possible to die emotionally and mentally while remaining physically?

Do we become burdened in our troubles and live by our scars?

Are we letting life pass us by hoping for something we may never find?

Why do we fear what we don’t understand and call it different but build up our owns beliefs as faith?

Have we all become slaves – not to one another – but to expectations and money?

Why did we rechristen the Golden Rule “do unto others if they can help you?”

Everyone seems to have the answers but no one seems to know the question.

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3 thoughts on “Status Quo

      • I agree that we hope the answers change each time. This is a very powerful and thought provoking poem. I definitely think it’s possible to die mentally and emotionally, but physically remain. But I don’t believe the death to be a permanent death. But we do let our scars and battle wounds dictate our lives sometimes and when I think this happens, I would argue we’ve died emotionally, until we are able to reawaken with strength.


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