Trouble, Once More

They say three times is a charm but I’m not certain. I’ve met this young lady now and again but out late one night, our last encounter left me wondering who, or what, she had really been.

Edgar Allan Poe

I felt a hand around my waist,

The arm adorned in white lace,

The scent of the perfume seemed familiar.


I could only guess who it could be,

Yep, Miss T-R-O-U-B-L-E,

Standing right by my side.


I recognized her alright,

Those piercing green eyes shining in the night,

Staring right at me.


With a Cheshire cat grin,

She wanted to know where I had been,

And whom I was seeing.


With a wiggle of her hips,

A giggle from her lips,

She said to me,


I missed you so,

And I just wanted to let you know,

Cause I haven’t seen you around.


Come on, she giggled,

Giving my hand a tickle,

Pulling me in her direction.


Let’s go out for a smoke

You can tell me jokes,

As you always bring a smile to my face.


You bring me so much joy,

Cause you are the only boy,

That could ever be for me.


Let’s take a walk,

Cause I love to hear you talk,

About all the places you have been.


As we went down the path,

I started do the math,

Feeling a little uneasy.


I stopped her in her tracks,

I had to know the facts,

What game was she playing with me?


She took a step back,

A deep breath to relax,

And gently explained,


In your mind’s eye,

I’m everything you want me to be,

Everything you’ve hoped you would see,


 I love you so,

But I want you to know,

You will never find anyone like me.


She walked a few steps,

Exhibiting a little pep,

Turned, shining her emerald eyes on me.


With her hand on her hip,

Blowing a kiss from her lips,

She tossed her long brown hair with a wry smile.


Somewhat amused,

But still confused,

I should have expected what would occur next.


What a surprise,

As right before my eyes,

She then faded into thin air.


I still remember that encounter,

As it was our final hour,

That’s the last bit of Trouble I ever had.


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16 thoughts on “Trouble, Once More

  1. Oh, this is so good! I find rhyming and tempo to be so incredibly hard when writing a poem. I suppose that’s why I rarely do it. But this flows so well and I am amazed you were able to get it to rhyme without trying so hard that it lost its meaning, instead it made the meaning stronger. Maybe I’m rambling, but great job:)


    • Thank you! I have worked on this piece for a long time! I really wanted to end the Trouble trilogy on a high note. Each of the poems were written in somewhat of a different style. I hope that you will check out the first and second pieces if you liked this one. They are linked within this post.

      The writing comes in waves. I’m okay with rhyming but I prefer to find a rhythm that doesn’t necessarily involve rhyming. It can be challenging and sometimes the words just come. As with anything you tend to get better the more you do it. You write well and I would like to read some of your works if you choose to share.

      It has been so enjoyable to follow poetry blogs and see people’s styles. Some are so unique and incorporate elements I wouldn’t have ever considered.


  2. And again the guy stood there watching her disappear.. if he went out and talked to her, he might have realized the trouble was worth it! Your trilogy got me hooked! Good on you!!!😀


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