Thanks for Bringing Her Back


I had to bring my cat back to the vet’s office yesterday to see if she had progressed in her fight against her bladder infection.

We (yes, we – I deserve to be lumped into the category after multiple tricks and fights to get her to take a pill) had just finished two weeks worth of antibiotics and needed to be checked to assess whether the infection had been remedied.

“Thanks for bringing her back,” the veterinarian said to me as she looked over my cat.

The comment seemed strange to me.

“Oh….sure…of course,” I replied.

In my mind, I wondered what she meant. Do people not come back? She’s sick. I’ve had her for 17 years. Why would I not bring her back to get her well?

I don’t consider myself an animal person but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is loyalty. Loyalty is VERY important to me – in all facets of my life. I made a commitment to this animal to care for her and help her. After diagnosing something was wrong, I couldn’t imagine ever turning my back on her and not trying to help her get well.

Would you turn your back on your friend if they were sick?




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