Memee’s 1st Poetry Party a Poetic Success!

I placed in the contest! Thanks to all that supported me! The event was a lot of fun and all entries were worthy of placing! Please check out the additional poems as well as the host blog as they are great reads!

Memee's Musings

howdoilovethee trophyThat’s right, you read it in the title, #memeespoetryparties is a successful, once-monthly reoccurring event happening right here, at Memee’s Musings. You can participate by submitting your original theme-fitting poetry and/or vote for your favorite poem each month.

We had a great sampling of Love poems this month and Wow, I cannot believe the quality.  Each and every entrant claimed to be a novice, a new poet, but each and every poem was surprising, magnificent, real and heartfelt.  Whether it was about love of yourself, a family member, a love interest, be it the discovery of first love or the loss of your love, regardless of whether the love was good or the love was destructive each and every poem was truly meaningful and they all brought out true emotion in me as I read them.

I believe we all grew as writers, as poets, as bloggers, as humans and…

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3 thoughts on “Memee’s 1st Poetry Party a Poetic Success!

  1. Hey Jarrod, yes, you placed! Please consider posting your trophy (image) on your awards page or anywhere you desire… you earned it!

    Watch for my email to discuss placement of your poem and original piece.




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