All Mixed Up

The family pictured below was put on the map by one of them releasing a sex tape. They just signed a 100 million dollar contract to continue a show that focuses on their ability to, I mean, their, well….them.


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These individuals pictured below served their country in a time of need – preserving our freedoms so that the family pictured above could have the ability to sign 100 million dollar contracts to continue to do whatever they do. Most are Vietnam veterans. For their efforts? They were spit upon, called Warmongers, used up, and tossed out on the streets. All of these individuals are homeless today.


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What does freedom mean to you?

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Firefighters raising the American Flag at the site of the World Trade Centers Attack in New York City




9 thoughts on “All Mixed Up

      • I have no idea. I’d have to ask one of my friends who watches the show to try to answer that question. I don’t follow any ‘reality’ TV. To me it’s never very real and I can’t get involved in it.


  1. I hate reality TV, especially the Kardashians. I agree with you completely that its entirely mixed up. I’ve only watched their show for about 10 mins once to see what the fuss was all about I felt dumb after seeing it.


  2. Sad and true. They are the unsung heroes and it’s sad that they are getting neglected when they have sacrificed their lives for people in their country to have normality.


      • Everything has become about money in America. Sure, this idea has been around since the beginning of time. It isn’t new. But, “success” equates to how money you make, solely. Also, cutting corners, cheating, and beating the system are okay now as long as you can get ahead. It takes people to stand up and say “No, I don’t agree with this” just as they did in 1776 when the United States won its independence.

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