Pony Power 03/16

I found this little girl sitting in the parking lot of the grocery store yesterday. She is a first generation Ford Mustang. She needs a little work but she is still beautiful all the same. I hope I have one just like her in the near future. 1968, 302 cubic inch big block V8, 4 barrel carb….I can see her now sitting in my garage.

Image Copyright Jarrod R. Champagne 2015

Image Copyright Jarrod R. Champagne 2015



8 thoughts on “Pony Power 03/16

      • I don’t know enough about cars to know specifics, but I have a personal connection to the car and my mom drove one when she was younger and I’ve heard stories. I’ve always wanted a black one with red interior. How about you?


      • My Dad had a 65 I believe. I love all of the first generation but I love the 67 and 68 the best. They overhauled the design in 67 and made it more aggressive looking. They also widened the suspension as they introduced the big blog V8 in 67. In 68,they introduced the 302 cubic inch engine which I would to have in mine. You have to have it rumble. I’d prefer black or red as an exterior and of course all matching numbers but I’d be happy with anything.

        The nice thing about the Mustangs is that they were designed to be driven for a few years then traded in so there were a ton of them manufactured which means you can still readily get parts today and purchase one for a decent price. This is opposed to say the Chevrolet Camaro.


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