Opening Night for One Act Festival

Well, Thursday the 26th is opening night for Stage Door Productions‘ One Act Festival! It should be a lot of fun!

The One Acts are a collection of short plays that were chosen from submissions from playwrights from near and far! There are six plays this year. I’m acting in one called “Survival Strategy.” If you want to learn more about this play, then check out this interview that I conducted with the playwright on Stage Door Stories, which is the blog I ghost write for Stage Door Productions.

I’m also making my directorial debut as well! It has been an interesting process to see a play from the other side of the stage. I am fortunate to have two wonderful actors that have done all the heavy lifting. They really bring the show to life. This play is called “Expectant Pause” and it is a comedy. You can check out the interview I did with that playwright on Stage Door Stories too! I’ve actually done interviews with all six playwrights that you can check out on the site!

Here is a picture of myself and the actress in “Survival Strategy.”

Image courtesy of Stephen Rummel Photography

Image courtesy of Stephen Rummel Photography



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