The Years Rolled By

Growing Up

 You’re so young,

And have so much time they say,

But when I looked around,

Time had slipped away.


5 turned to 10,

10 turned to 18,

I went to bed,

Opened my eyes,

Now a man,

It seemed like a dream.


The days they came,

One by one,

As I looked back,

I tried to examine what I had done.


A day felt like an hour,

A month felt like a day,

The years rolled by,

Coming quicker as I aged.


As fast as they came,

The years went away,

I tried to enjoy them,

Each and every day.


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7 thoughts on “The Years Rolled By

  1. The moves so fast. Its insane. There are moments when it feels like time won’t move and then all of a sudden you’re a year older. I feel now too that life is moving a such a quick pace that I cannot keep up sometimes. I get nostalgic when I watch my nieces grow up and can remember them being born and how they are young adults and how has my time flown by.


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