Freeing my Fears

This is a collaboration with Ethel from The Darkest Raven. She is a very talented writer, poet, and painter.

It was an honor to work with you as well Ethel and I thank you for the kind words.

Sleepless Warrior

Written collaboration with amazing blogger/poet Jarrod Champagne from The Haunted Lullaby. I always admire your work and you are a truly talented writer. It was great working with you and I hope we can do it again soon. Enjoy reading!


Being in this place,
Puts me in such a mood,
Feeling such distaste,
My heart fills with ire,
The walls run red,
I recall all my lost desires,
The scales begin to tip,
Standing unbalanced,
Why has this been such a lonely trip?
Needing a change, 
I packed my bags and 
Turned the engine of my mustang,
She roared to life,
With acceptance,
Ready to lead me away. 
On the road,
I still see your face everywhere I go,
The crease on your forehead,
When you look bemused,
Such are the images I’m trying to escape,
But flood my memory,
These thoughts I don’t want to face.

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