Meandering Mind

This is a collaboration with the very talented Ms. Caroline Juliette. It was a lot of fun to work with her on this project.


Standing alone in the shadows,

Wandering along in the night,

Looking to find all the pieces,

Make everything all right,

Lost in a fog of doubt,

Uncomfortable in my own skin,

The rain falls silently upon me,

Don’t let the demons win.


14 thoughts on “Meandering Mind

    • Thank you! Kudos goes to Caroline for being able to really bring it home.

      I’ve really enjoyed the collaborations. I am learning a lot from working with others. I have a few more coming down the pipeline, but like all of us, I have multiple projects I am working on.

      I’m looking for someone to write short stories or plays with, so if you are game let me know. 🙂


      • I’ve noticed you’ve been doing a lot and really seem to enjoy it! I’ve never collaborated before so I’m not sure what that looks like, but I would love to do a short story, or even a play. I’ve never attempted to write one before, but I’d love to learn if you’re willing to teach!


      • We are making it up as we go. Everyone I have/am working with has been a little different. My writing style is a little more similar to some while others it differs. Either way, it proves to be a challenge to find something both parties are happy with.

        I am no expert but it appears that the key is to find something that resonates with all parties involved. We’ve been swapping broken stanzas and that has worked so far.


      • I’d definitely be into trying to figure something out with you! I’ve been in a dry writing spell so I’d love the motivation!


      • Alright sounds good! Shoot me an email @ so I can have your contact information and we can put our heads together.

        I have another short story I hope to release soon. I want to get into more of that. I know you were generous in your praise for the last one which I found very humbling.

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