Baltimore 1

For my readers that aren’t in the United States, the American city of Baltimore in the state of Maryland is being destroyed by protestors acting in the name of justice for Freddie Grey, a young African-American male who died while in the custody of the Baltimore Police Department after being arrested. I put together this piece while thinking about these events.

Baltimore 2

You want justice,

But only seek revenge,

Deflection against the innocent,

Looting and plundering,

It’s only just began.


Fighting for Freddie,

You fanned the flames,

Now you can’t extinguish,

What you’ve done,

Misplaced actions,

You let him die in vain.

Baltimore 3

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13 thoughts on “Baltimore

    • Most of the people involved care very little about Freddie Grey. They’ve used his death as a vehicle to destroy and create chaos. They are now perpetuating the brutality they protested against.

      They have turned their attention to destroying small businesses that most of these owners have spent their entire life building and working to maintain. They are innocent and had nothing to do with the event that sparked the protest.

      People are making it a “black and white” thing but it is more about what is “wrong and right.”


  1. I think your comments on Baltimore are very short-sighted. You can’t possibly understand what they are going through. You chop at shallow layers without wishing to swallow complexities, in which, you benefit.

    “Most of the people involved care nothing for Freddie Gray”. Sure believe that.


    • Why would I not be able to understand that? Enlighten me.

      It seems that Freddie Grey’s own family is calling for the end of the violence. How anyone can approve of people destroying and looting is beyond me.

      How does all of this benefit me? Again, please enlighten me to how watching the country I live in being ripped apart benefits me.

      I do believe that. The people that do are rallying to have the incident investigated so that the truth can be uncovered, whatever that is.

      Violence only breeds more violence. Why do you think the warring nations in history have crumpled and fallen?


  2. You have touched a nerve that runs deep with so many people, Jarrod. I agree with you that violence only breeds more violence. There has to be a way to protest the senseless act of Freddie losing his life without so many more lives being destroyed, (through the loss of their business or now having to serve jail time). Kudos to you for being willing to make a statement about what you believe.


    • Thank you for the kinds words and for your insightful comment.

      Often times, people are just fighting and have lost sight of what they are fighting for.


      • The individuals that are inciting this behavior are ruining it for the people that are protesting and rallying peacefully, as the law allows them to do, for what they believe in. Those people should be allowed and given every right to demonstrate and protest peacefully.

        But, the individuals pushing the violence don’t care. They are actually setting back their cause which they can’t even see.

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  3. It’s bold of you to post something like this, but I’m happy you are confident enough to do so! I wish people would understand that violence doesn’t solve violence. I know there is much more that I don’t understand about this event and the previous events that have happened in the past year. But killing and harming others will never solve what they are trying to solve.


    • I actually don’t feel it is bold to stand up for what you believe in.

      As I am sure you noticed, I didn’t take a side in the event with respect to what happened to Freddie Gray. I don’t know what happened. I wasn’t there.

      But, much as you pointed out, I do know that rioting and destroying things and harming others not involved is not the answer.

      Thank you for your insightful comment. They are always appreciated.


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