Broken Family

You talk about family,

You don’t know what that means,

Stab me in the back,

Leave me for dead,

When I no longer fit your needs.



9 thoughts on “Family

  1. First, I’m glad you put this in poetry, Jarrod. I can feel the frustration. I hope this isn’t based on a real experience, but if it is I have some siblings who have made me feel this way. There comes a time when you know it’s dysfunctional and no one wants to fix it. In my mind it’s time to move forward and break the cycle.


    • I’ve experienced this feeling both with my family of choice and family of origin. Because of that, I am very sensitive to feelings of loyalty and betrayal.

      The writing was actually inspired by an event today that I experienced. People rally behind the cries of “Unity” and “Togetherness” and the ultimate, “Family,” but I often wonder if individuals really believe this based upon their actions.

      Thank you for your comments Anne. They are always welcome and insightful.

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    • Thank you Nem. Anne also pointed out that fact in her comment which I forgot to speak to.

      It is great advice that i finally learned for good a number of years ago. We can’t change others or fix them. Sometimes our only option is to let them go so we don’t drown as well.

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      • I agree with that for my own life. I have also learned to realize though that a number of factors had to come together to force me to learn that lesson. It was extremely difficult but I’m glad I have the right tools now and perspective.

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      • For me I think it was just I need/needed to realise that I was and am better off without any of them. Then having that strength to walk away.
        Hope the rest of your day is one filled with many happy moments.


  2. Family seems to be a common topic lately. The word family and what it means has been discussed quite frequently in my life. Whether you choose your family or you just consider family to be biological. Either way trust is such an important thing. And once it’s been betrayed, it is incredibly hard to get it back.


    • I think “family” can have a large scope of a definition. Being from your family of origin, family of choice, friends, or your coworkers. This could even be expanded out to anything – members of your church, reading club, you name it.

      You brought up an important topic – trust. Trust is difficult to regain once broken. I will freely admit that I am jaded by my experiences with people that were once close to me and/or I trusted, thus it has created an inherent distrust of people in general. I wouldn’t advocate others live their lives likes that but it is where I am at.

      I do know loyalty is very important to me. I believe in it. It chafes me when people pretend to be loyal under the guise of manipulation then turn their backs when things aren’t working. I can’t get behind it and I would venture to say others can’t either, yet I see it done so freely.


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