Sealed with a Kiss

This piece is a collaboration I wrote with Paris from Paris Poems for our writing group, the Beasts of Articulation. This writing challenge consisted of performing a collaboration with another member of the group to write a piece in the style of Edgar Allan Poem. This piece is called “Sealed with a Kiss.”

I’d invite all of you to check out Paris’ blog. She is a very talented writer!

She Devil (2)

Deals with the devil,

Transactions made at night,

Entranced where I stand,

Reaching for her outstretched hand,

Searched her opaque face,

Amber eyes burning in the moonlight,

Gently did we embrace,

Our diabolical pact now sealed,

Starting with a deceptive kiss,

Her poison invading my blood,

Despondent, I valued love,

Longing for a wife,

But that devil’s kiss,

Changed my life,

Craved bliss,

Finding lust,

Revolving door,

Devil’s whore,

No reprieve,

She-devil I believed,

My soul forfeit,

My life sold,

No wife to have,

No love to hold,

Never to be freed,

Tricked by the devil’s code.


©Paris Poems 2015



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