A-Z Challenge – Week of May 18th

Our challenge for the week of May 18th over at the Beasts of Articulation. Quite a challenge to find a flow but a lot of fun!

Beasts of Articulation

For the week of May 18th, the Beasts were challenged to write out the alphabet and use it so that each stanza began with the appropriate letter in sequential order. This challenge was my idea but alas, I can’t take the credit, as I actually got the idea from Blair King at People, Things, and Life.

Besides being an amazing writer, Blair is also a wonderful young lady. I encourage everyone to check out her blog.


An answer held inside,

Buried deep within my heart,

Cradled away from all to see,

Desperate to believe who I can trust,

Everyone turns away,

Further I feel each day,

Got to find the reason,

Have I left it slip away?

I need to find the solution,

Journey away from the division,

Killing away the negativity,

Longing for serenity,

Making the…

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