We Must Be the Same Age

My birthday was not so far in the distant past and I was kidding with one of the members of the custodial staff at my place of employment about being old. I have discussed before that many of the individuals on the custodial staff have a handicap. This particular individual while in her late 20s, has the social skills of a child probably about 10. She is very sweet and loves to give everyone a difficult time, particularly me, for whatever reason.

When I told her how I old I am (I’m in my early 30s) she screamed, “OH MY GOD!”

A few days later in the gym, she sneaked up on me as I was coming out of the locker room and literally scared the shit out of me by yelling loudly in my face as she hid behind the door.

It looked sort of like this, well except I am only one person, oh, and not a teenage girl. But other than that, spot on.

It looked sort of like this, well, except I am only one person, oh, and not a teenage girl. But other than that, spot on.

I reminded her that my birthday had recently passed and what she said to me about being old. I asked her if she remembered how old I am.

Her coworker, also a very sweet woman, said to me, “We are probably about the same age.”

Now, I know I look older than I am but this lady had to have been at least 10-15 years older than me.

“I’m 55,” she said.

Is she kidding or does she REALLY think I am in my 50s I thought to myself. There is no way she can honestly believe I am in my 50s. I wanted to believe she was joking but no one was laughing.

Trying to save the situation and not be rude, I told her how old I am and said that she certainly looked much younger than 55.

That certainly motivated me to do a few more sets in the gym that evening.


Does anyone have a fire thrower to light these?

Does anyone have a fire thrower to light these?

Photo 1

Photo 2


8 thoughts on “We Must Be the Same Age

  1. Lol! The muscles in my grandmother’s face aged, but she died at 88 with two only smile wrinkles. It was very confusing to most people but I hope I got her genes. Still, after reading this. I might stay a little longer in the lotus position today šŸ˜‰


    • Yes, there is no definition of “you should look like this at this age” but I think we all have a general idea. I try to take care of myself especially in light of watching so many people around me dropping dead of heart attacks and the like that could have easily been prevented. If you (hypothetical you) have children, I am not sure why taking care of yourself wouldn’t be more of a priority.

      Sorry to hear about your grandmother’s passing. It appears she lived a long and healthy life.

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