I toss and turn,

And dream away,

Why do I even bother,

To sleep anyways?


The nightmares they come,

Once I wake up,

A continuation into the day,

There’s no escape,

Forever they stay.


When it rains,

It pours,

No umbrella to hold,

I’m drenched and wet,

Fighting through the cold.



9 thoughts on “Nightmares

      • I’m doing ok. I think I’ve found my peace recently. I thought I did before but now I’m more sure than ever. Eventhough “when it rains, it pours…” I’ve made peace with the storm. I think I’m in a good place much better than I’ve been in a very long time. 🙂 cheers


      • I am glad to hear that. You are a very sweet woman. Even if you haven’t found your peace entirely, look at the journey and focus on the positive steps. Journeys are won in steps and rarely, if ever, leaps. Don’t be afraid if sometimes things take a step backwards. It doesn’t mean you failed.

        I am glad you are in a better place and are writing again. I missed your blog as I mentioned on the comment I left you. And, I wanted to personally thank you for being so generous in your time in catching up on a large number of my posts. Dedicated and thoughtful readers like you are the only reason this blog is successful and I value having you here as part of my community.

        Thank you again and be well in your journey.

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      • Thank you Jarrod. You are very kind. I read somewhere about you having a birthday recently. When was your birthday? Sorry I missed it but happy belated birthday. I think we are close in age. I’m glad you think I’m sweet. I think you’re awesome… Hugs


      • It wasn’t too long ago. Thank you. I appreciate that. I mentioned it in my column “We Must Be the Same Age.” The lady thought I was close to her age, which was 55. lol

        I would never ask a lady her age. I’m in my early 30s. You can determine from that.

        Thanks for the compliment. Stay in touch. And I am always at if you ever would like to chat or need to vent or have someone to bounce something off of.

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