Steve Urkel was Killed by a Sting Ray

Alright, so last Friday brought more adventures with my friend Kenny from work. Kenny has some sort of fear of being in the water and being attacked by creatures. I’m unsure if it is actually based upon some sort of real occurrence or just too many bad SyFy movies.

Anyways, he was sharing with me that he is going to the beach to visit family in North Carolina. This ensued:

“I gotta be careful out in that water,” Kenny informed me.

“Yes,” I agreed, expecting this story to go just about anywhere from here.

“Cause there are sharks and sting rays out there in the ocean,” Kenny told me.

“Well, yes, but I think you won’t be that far out,” I advised.

“Steve Urkel was killed by a sting ray. Did you know that?” Kenny shared with me.

“Uh, that was Steve Irwin, not Steve Urkel,” I said through laughter.

“Steve Irwin?” Kenny asked, clearly perplexed.

“Yes, Steve Irwin. A sting ray barb pierced his heart and he passed away. Steve Urkel was a fictional character on that show from the 1990s, Family Matters,” I explained.

“Oh, Steve Irwin,” he exclaimed.




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