Memories Were Made

Image Copyright 2015 - Jarrod R. Champagne

Image Copyright 2015 – Jarrod R. Champagne

Image Copyright 2015 - Jarrod R. Champagne

Image Copyright 2015 – Jarrod R. Champagne

I’m now a shell,

Viewed from far away,

But in these walls,

So many memories were made,

They laughed,

They cried,

The place where Grandpa died,

Sprawling land,

Cozy nook,

Old climbing tree,

Small kitchen where they cooked,

Thanksgiving and Christmas,

Each and every birthday,

Secret diaries,

Puppy love,

First crush,

Leading to first heartbreak,

Panel behind the closet door,

I kept those secrets locked away,

I sheltered each of you,

Growing from babies,

To sweet little children,

And into such beautiful ladies,

As you moved out on your own,

Development won the land,

Abandoned I became,

Soon I will be torn down,

But do not shed a tear,

Remember me fondly in your memories,

Because in me your lives were built,

Don’t be afraid,

There in your heart,

I will always stay.

This house sits off of Route 17 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It has always intrigued me being that the land around it now contains an Arby’s and a 7-11 convenience store. When the house was in its prime, I imagine the land was very different. It is apparent that no one has lived in it for many years. I have always liked abandoned buildings and homes. I always tried to imagine what occurred there and the history surrounding the area.


16 thoughts on “Memories Were Made

      • I’d like that. U would love my Pop. He’s kind of larger than life and always has a great time. Are you ok? Been thinking about you xo


      • I’d like to meet him and you and anyone else along for the journey. I am serious about this so please email me at if it comes to fruition and we can exchange phone numbers at that time.

        Yes, I am doing okay. Just very sad. Thank you for thinking about me and asking. That is very kind and thoughtful of you.

        I wrote a piece today I hope that you will read. It is a tribute to her.

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      • Of course I will email u later to check on you 🙂 It’s very sad and I never knew how heartbreaking it could be to lose a pet. In high school my good friend lost her dog on prom weekend and I remember thinking it’s just a pet! Oh how wrong I was! I have apologized to her so many times as we are still close.

        You know why my Mom (a neat freak) let me take that same friend’s 3 year old cat? Cause they loathed my loser bf and figured I needed something to take care of lol. I dumped him not 3 months later 🙂


      • Thank you for doing that. I will look forward to your email.

        Yes, it is very difficult. They aren’t just pets. They become members of the family and she has been my family member for a long time. Actually, it has just been her and I for a long time which is what makes it all the more difficult.

        Friends like you have helped ease the pain.

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      • Everyone has been so kind. I feel so fortunate to have so many WordPress friends among my friends. I’ve never met any of you and you all have been so open with your compassion, kind words, thoughts, and emails. It truly makes a difference to know people care.

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    • Welcome. Yes, I’ve written about this topic often. I think I posted all of these before we started following one another. I am always intrigued by the past, even if it is the not so distant past.
      The last link is actually my childhood home.

      You might enjoy these posts.

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      • I particularly liked the home of your childhood days. The house is the type of house I have lived and everywhere else except for my university days where I lived in a modern home. Thank you for the nostalgic essence of your homes. much appreciated


      • The farmhouse with the narration is not mine in case there was confusion. I just found that incredible where he compared the photographs from when he lived there to now. Simply an incredible piece. I can feel the emotion watching the video.

        The realtor run youtube channel is my home. I am not certain if it is still for sale. It was in dire need of a flip.

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      • Yes, agreed. I would feel the same way. After my father sold our family home I dreamt about it for about a week straight. Just being there and the times we had. It surprised me to be honest. I had always thought of a house as just some place you lived. I quickly realized that it became a place where memories are made. The selling of the home bothered me and with some thought, I had discovered that was the reason. I would no longer be able to visit there and relive those memories.

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  1. Yes I agree. My mama has lived in the same house for 62 years. It is an old farmhouse from 1876 and was the first farmhouse in the area. I think mama will die of heartbreak when she is placed in a seniors facility. I told her to come and live with me but she declined as I live too far away from her milieu. Now we will have to see how it plays out. I think I would have the same reaction to the selling of mama’s home as you did. It was grand central station and the hub of my aunts and uncles for years although quiet in these last years. Yes It can be traumatic. Be well


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