A Note on Personal Growth


At this point in my life, the greatest reward I receive is, when faced with a difficult situation, making a better choice now than I did before I started my personal growth journey.

Having an anger management, those demons are always there similar to being an alcoholic or any other form of addict. As human beings, we constantly fall back on what we know and we find comfortable, even if we know it is bad for us.

It feels good to realize that potential and creates a positive feedback loop.

I’m not sure if anything else truly makes me as happy. Perhaps it is because this achievement isn’t tangible. It can’t be bought. It can only be created through hard work and an effort to change that comes from within.

I go to bed happy now – knowing the dark days persist but each day the sun peaks out a little more from behind the clouds due to my efforts to grow.



7 thoughts on “A Note on Personal Growth

  1. It makes me smile reading this, knowing what I know about you and your journey through life. Personal growth is so important and people don’t take enough time to sit back and reflect on how they change positively, they just usually reflect on the negative aspect in life. But it’s amazing that you are able to recognize the change and that you are able to live positively because of it!


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