Slave to the Grind


Slavery is alive and well,

Find yourself in your own personal hell,

Drugs and alcohol,

Money and trade,

Each one an addition,

To something we are a slave,

We’ll burn the midnight oil,

To chase away the pain,

Memories to be forgotten,

Just one hit makes it go away,

Or with riches in our eyes,

Looking for something to gain,

We want and we must,

Foolishly thinking happiness is in lust,

We try and try,

Just to make it another day,

The sands of time now eroded,

Regretting it is too late,

We lived our life away.



5 thoughts on “Slave to the Grind

  1. For some the ultimate goal is to live as healthy and as long as possible…but for most, they do not consider that until they reach a certain age…as I have done.
    When reaching a certain age, you will discover the most valuable resource in life is your health…because without it, nothing else is possible in life.
    Trust me, drink your caffeine free tea and stop smoking. If you are doing anything else, you know better.



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