Overhead City

Yep…welcome to my life. I’ve even had the “pre-meeting” before the meeting.

Oh, and in true American fashion, everyone gets a participation ribbon – literally!


This is what they call a “cheap pop” in the wrestling business, but I’m sure we can all agree on this, and if you do, give this post a “like.” See? I said it was a cheap pop.

At least I didn’t “like” my own post – yet.

Photo credit goes to Michael Huestis.


7 thoughts on “Overhead City

  1. I can completely relate to this. As a director in a nursing home, I was taken away from resident needs many times to participate in meetings that should have been emails. I think the most outrageous was the 5 meetings corporate called to decide on how to clean out the facility shed. We could have used a few more hands helping the elderly if they had nothing better to do.


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