A Warning

Jared Fogle

Childhood stories,

Fairy tales,

Define for me what’s pretend,

They aren’t under your bed,

Hiding in your closet,

Or even in your head,

Don’t fear the Boogey Man,

Ghosts or spirits,

Or things that go bump in the night,

Evil walks among us,

Monsters are real,

You won’t imagine the fright,

Is it your neighbor?

Your coworker,

Or even your friend?

Who can you trust,

When you feel betrayed again,

Who do you believe,

Is there faith anymore,

Monsters in disguise,

The evil is at your door.


Former spokesman for the restaurant chain, Subway, Jared Fogle has reached a plea agreement with American federal prosecutors that will see him pay 1.4 million dollars to his victims and not seek less than 5 years in Federal prison. Federal prosecutors will not seek more than 12.5 years of imprisonment. Fogle is accused of having relations with underage children and participating in the distribution of child pornography.


15 thoughts on “A Warning

    • I am of the opinion that death is more appropriate. As you discussed, the psychological harm these individuals inflict knows no bounds.

      There are two kinds of apologies in the world – “I’m sorry I made a mistake” and “I’m sorry I got caught.” Fogle falls into the latter category. Court documents show that the manager of his foundation was also involved in the behavior. Once he was caught, Fogle distanced himself from the manager and spoke out against his crimes, only to continue to commit them himself. Worst of all, he has two children of his own. Did he abuse his own children?

      I heard years ago that he made big money in college through the distribution and tape trade of pornography though I did not hear if it was child pornography.

      Quit wasting my tax payer money. He has admitted to his crimes. Give this guy the needle and let’s move on.

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