Murder at the TonyLou Awards

You, loyal reader, are invited to the most star-studded gala in all the land -yes, it is that time again – time for the 30th Annual TonyLou Awards!

Murder at the Tony Lou Awards

Who will win for Best Actress?

How about for Best Director in an Off-Off-Off Broadway Play about Underwear?

Or Best Actor in a Play about Body Organs?

Who will even SURVIVE all the back stage back-stabbing and the web of chaos and finger-pointing to even receive their award?

You will have to come find out!

I will be in the cast, with all of these incredibly talented people, playing “Claude-Jean Van Dumbe” karate champion. My costume will include a karate gi and a bow tie (hey, it is a formal event!) The show will be put on by Caroline Community Theatre and directed by Barbara and Mel Cochran whom I worked with on “The Nerd”, if you recall. This is a murder mystery dinner theatre presentation!

Murder at the Tony Lou Awards Cast

Hope you can make it out but if you can’t, well I understand – understand you are going to miss a great show and dinner…but know you are going to miss me doing things like this which I have learned in my extensive research:


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