Life Through Dad’s Eyes

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend has been good so far!

A friend of mine that I grew up with has recently started a new blog entitled “Life From Dad’s Eyes.” Ryan McDonald is a father of two and recently started to blog about his journey through parenthood exploring both the rewards and challenges and the role it has played in his life.

Ryan is a great guy! I have known him him for over 20 years and grew up with his wife Laura as well! Ryan has a very witty sense of humor and his humorous perspective of life’s daily events always kept us amused growing up! He has been able to translate that into his writing.

He is just getting started in his journey but his writing already provides an insightful, genuine look into the important role that his family and fatherhood plays in his life.

I’d definitely encourage you to check out “Life From Dad’s Eyes” and interact with him as he sets forth on his writing journey!

The McDonald Family

The McDonald Family


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