Thanks for a Good Time

When my now former wife and I started living together, we split our bills. Our system was for one individual to pay the bill and the other to reimburse the bill payer. Since she wasn’t interested in the bills, I continued the system I had for myself for both of us. This resulted in my wife then paying me for half the bills through a personal check.

Because she felt she was funny, and much to my chagrin, my former wife found amusement in writing “unique” statements on the memo line of the check. Favorites includes “Thanks for a Good Time” and “Thanks for Putting a Smile on my Face.” The more mad I got about the situation the more amusement she found in what was happening.


One day, I went into the bank and needed to meet with a teller. The teller looked at my identification and my slip and then at me.

“Oh, I know you,” she said as a smirk developed across her face, “you are the guy that always has the funny stuff written on the checks.”

“Yeah,” I muttered as my heart sank in embarrassment.



13 thoughts on “Thanks for a Good Time

  1. I’m sorry you were embarrassed, Jarrod, but it’s still SO FUNNY! I can’t top that story, but I used to call Commonwealth Edison, Communist Edison when I wrote their checks. One night I was up late paying bills and accidentally wrote it on the check. I didn’t even know I did it until the cashed check came back in my monthly statement.

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