Your Story


I want to know your story,

What you’ve done,

Where you’ve been,

Where you’re from.


I want to know who brought you pain,

What caused your fears,

Why you left it all behind,

Why your eyes are filled with tears,


I want to know why you stayed,

What’s my role,

What we will become,

How I make you whole.



22 thoughts on “Your Story

      • Thank you for following my blog…it looks like we hit follow simultaneously–I’ve been reading your full disclosure posts…it sounds like you were involved with a dead on Pathological Narcissist. The idea of using things to represent ‘feelings’ suggests an inability to feel…tho they are very good at making all of the right noises, such at that email. I look forward to reading more of your blog.


      • You are welcome. I haven’t had a chance to explore your blog but I will. I thought your comment on Emma’s blog was very thoughtful and accurate though not as intuitive to most people.

        Thanks for the kind words on the “Full Disclosure on Closure” three part series. I would encourage you to please read all three parts if you haven’t.

        I am not as familiar with the psychological profile of a narcissist. I know Emma writes quite about it as does Karin Tupper (

        As for my ex-wife, she was certainly looking for something tangible to bring her happiness and it wasn’t my job to do so. She wasn’t happy with herself thus there was not any tangible item that would replace that self-loathing. I got tired of my love being held above my head as a pawn when things were not going right for her.

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      • I will admit it has taken me a lot of mistakes and work in therapy to have a better understanding of not only myself but the way that people work. Once you work to understand, you begin to see trends with people that become identifiable.

        Thank you. I appreciate that. I am currently not looking. I am not certain I ever want to get married again so therefore I have decided it is best not to pursue a relationship right now. I enjoy my time to myself and after the chaos in my life, it has been nice to focus on my own goals again.

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  1. Jarrod! I heart this one!! ❤ Getting to know someone's story is the best part! 🙂 Personally, I think everyone should be 'whole' on their own. Relationships should be about finding people or the person that complements you, not making someone whole.


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