The River – 50 Word Story


My thoughts flowed like the river before my eyes. Regardless of the distance traveled, like salmon swimming upstream, they always returned to a place I had known before. I wondered if my stream of thoughts could be changed like a river’s course. It would take time – could I make it?



9 thoughts on “The River – 50 Word Story

  1. Jarrod, this is a great 50 word story! Someone can always change their stream of thoughts. You are absolutely right, it does take time. I know you can make it. It is sometimes very difficult to change the pattern of thoughts, especially when going back to what the person knew ‘worked’ before.

    -Pretty sure that was 52 words, what I wrote! Lol
    On a lighter note, do you like salmon? Wood grilled, fresh dill, lemon, and pepper…alright I’m hungry, and I think that is what I am preparing for my dinner! Great story, love the photo! Nature, what a beautiful landscape. 🙂


    • Thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed it! It is easy to become entangled in our own thoughts.

      I am not much for fish but have eaten salmon and would surely try it if you are cooking! I am sure it would be great!

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      • 🙂 The river is also a good place to go to sort out those thoughts, peace and quiet. The salmon turned out pretty well if I must say! No fish on the menu then if you don’t like it!


      • I find that having a good quiet place to go and reflect is important. I love running outside for that reason. It allows me to move through my thoughts often to allow me to fully understand how I feel about something.

        You must be an excellent cook! I’d give it a shot!

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      • That is really great, Jarrod! 🙂 Quite, alone, and running – the best time to analyze the thought process. Doing all of that before the sun rises = the perfect start to the day! I don’t know if I would go as far as saying excellent cook, but I would be interested in your real opinion sometime …perhaps. =]


      • Haha! I am not much for getting up in the morning but I do realize the importance of running early in the morning without eating so you are burning straight fat. I’ve done it on Saturdays but not too many! LOL

        I like to sleep in. I am more of a night owl.

        I’m game to try your cooking! 🙂

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      • Saturday is the best day to run early! Sleeping in has it’s rewards, as well. 🙂 Coffee brews at 7! Hey, I just caught this typo – it was meant to be quiet! Sorry, but I think you still got the gist!


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