Revenge of the Bee

While getting ready to go out today, I noticed that the cat suddenly jumped backwards in surprise while on the window sill. Seeking to determine what startled her, I noticed a bee.

I grabbed a rolled up magazine and swatted the bee knocking it to the floor. (Sorry animal lovers!) Because I was too lazy to pick it up I was just about to go out, I left the bee and proceeded on my way thinking it no longer posed any threat to the cat.

Once I got home and put away the groceries, I noticed the bee was not in the same place as before.

The cat must have swatted it. I will find it later with the vacuum.

Meanwhile, a few hours later I decided to clean out my gym bag. It was sitting on the living room floor. I decided to sit down and upon doing so, I placed my hand on the floor and felt something very painful. It caused me to jump, well, at least as well as you can while seated. As I looked to see what it was, I noticed the bee, slowly crawling across the floor.

The bastard had stung me.

I will assume he or she was a Georgia Tech graduate.

I will assume he or she was a Georgia Tech graduate.

Picture found in the public domain of the internet.


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