Reality – Six Word Story


Our reality was once our dream.



13 thoughts on “Reality – Six Word Story

      • That is so sweet of you to say, Jarrod! Only time will tell. Slow and steady wins the race, most often! 😛


      • Sorry, sir, but I cannot like this post. I hope if there is a next time, they will. Making the same mistake over and over again, does not do anyone any good. :/ But I can also see, beauty sometimes clouds good judgment, unfortunately.


      • You misinterpreted what I wrote. Some people continually find themselves in the same position, unknowingly, because they continue to make the same mistake over and over. Thus, they don’t learn from the mistake.

        A good example are people who say, “Why are all men (or women – depending your gender) the same?” All men and women aren’t the same. These individuals are just seeking out the same personality over and over thus run into the same problems over and over.

        I didn’t mean that someone realizes there is an issue and knowingly forces themselves into the same corner. I think that seems to be how you interpreted what I meant.


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