Dance of the Devil


We all think we are going to Heaven,

Rationalize our actions in His name,

But tell me who is watching,

As we rape and murder in vain.

We want revenge,

Perceived actions make it right,

Look upon what we have done,

We’ve flipped the switch to our own plight.

It’s a race to arms,

Ignoring what history told us,

Killing in the name of _____,

Insert your chosen One here.

Who will be left?

What will be done?

To the victor goes the spoils,

To find who’s God is number one.

We killed while we prayed,

Mindless thoughts focused on gold,

Masqueraded as the Crusades,

Lamb of God led to the slaughter,

Promise of salvation at the end of the day,

Clever tricks keep the masses at bay,

Armed with power,

The rich sit at the throne,

Laugh at the ploy they create.




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