On Love

Love Thought

Some people are in love. Others are in love with the idea of being in love.

We are all searching for love, but perhaps we don’t understand why. And that’s what scares us. We want to feel something but we aren’t sure what the expectation is of what we should feel.

And the worst is to have it taken away from us. To know that individual doesn’t feel the same way anymore. Perhaps they did never did. Perhaps they were not in love with us but the idea of being in love in the hopes to heal themselves.

Maybe love doesn’t exist. Maybe it is like Heaven. Some idea to give us hope. Some thought that makes our lives worth living and worth fighting for.

Maybe love does exist – just in different levels, degrees, and versions. After all, the language of love appears to be one of the most, if not the most, important aspect of a relationship. But, if we can’t love ourselves, how can we have any love to share with others?

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8 thoughts on “On Love

  1. You know I have a take on love! It is very profound, as it should be. Do people know how to differentiate the two – being in love, and in love with the thought of being in love. Could someone once love again when it was taken away from them? Is it more important to show someone you are in love with them or tell them, possibly both?

    I know, in my heart, and in every fiber of my being, that love exists. It is real. Once someone experiences love, they won’t settle for anything less. Time – it’s the only thing that has the power to heal. It heals wounds, scars, sadness, broken hearts, loss, etc. Is it coincidence that love is about timing too?

    Being completely comfortable with oneself is a beautiful start to love. If someone can do that, the possibility of love exists.

    ❤ …this symbol was only fitting for this post, plus you know how much I love emoticons!! Lol But you and I know of one other person that loves this ❤ symbol more than I do! 😀

    Have hope, Jarrod ❤


    • I don’t think all people can see the difference. I think sometimes the yearning for love can be so strong that it creates false feelings of love. The feelings become more centralized on the want and hope. I do think people can love again when it is taken away from them. I guess there are two different measures to that thought. Was the love taken away because a loved one passed away or did a break-up or divorce occur? If a break-up or divorce occurs, perhaps the love isn’t what we thought it was. And if a loved one passes away, that love doesn’t fade, it remains though the loved one is gone. Obviously, relationships are complex. I think one can learn to love again in both situations. There isn’t just one person out there for people. We are compatible with multiple people. With either situation, we need to find the strength and ability to move past the loss to be able to open our hearts again to love. Even if loss is there, if our hearts are closed, we won’t be receptive to it.

      I think everything in life is about timing. Timing helps us with growth, maturity, and perspective and it is critical to how receptive we are to events in our lives and the decisions we make. For example, meeting someone immediately after a break-up is a far different experience than if we met that person, let’s say, six months later when some time has passed for us to be able to reconcile what has occurred.

      I believe we can only love someone else if we are happy with ourselves. Truly, if we don’t love ourselves how can we love someone else? If not, this creates a system where the person who does not love themselves continually projects and blames others for their problems. I am well aware of this because I have been subjected to this many times.

      And yes, I know of the person you speak of. That person certainly has a lot of love and hearts for you! I am sure they are already awaiting your next post!

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      • That is why people really need to know what it is they want. When that is established, I believe love can happen. It usually is not beneficial to anyone if someone jumps into a relationship right after a break-up. Unless, it is ‘casual’…open, or whatever else these young kids are doing these days. 😛

        Everyone has a different opinion on what love is. As you stated about the language of love – one really needs to perfect that and know what the potential partner’s definition is. Even then, perhaps both parties match but something just isn’t right (i.e. timing, geographic location, financials, etc.)

        Also, to love someone, is marriage necessarily an end result? Maybe not. Love and commitment can exist without a paper stating these two are legally bonded. I, personally know love exists without that. That is not ‘enough’ for some people, though. It depends on how open someone is to the many possibilities of love. If divorce was an option the first time, could there be a second chance? And if there is a second attempt at love, would divorce be on the table once again? If the love is true, genuine, and pure; divorce is NEVER an option. Love sure as hell isn’t easy. But it’s worth fighting for, every single day. Many people jump into love for the wrong reasons…this stems back to maturity, and really knowing what one wants. There is a clear difference between thinking and knowing. – Many do not know the difference.

        Loving yourself is VERY important. Being comfortable with who you are and what you have to offer is crucial for a lasting relationship and love. That could very well be the ultimate love for some – loving yourself. Being truly happy with yourself…yes, I mean go out and have a nice dinner alone, or go to a movie, a museum, rock climbing, travel; get to know yourself, find out who you are…it is extremely rewarding. 🙂 You will feel confident and independent – and that to me is sexy!

        So, your post definitely fueled some more thoughts about what I have been working on 🙂 I think he is awaiting a post like this from me! 😉 Haha!!! Or something a bit more erotic! Lol If he only knew!


      • I think that casual dating is good. It allows you to meet new people and gain new experiences. Though I am not entirely certain of what I do want in a partner, I have found that dating has helped me discover what I do not want.

        Sometimes people want to get too serious too quickly and I will admit I have fallen into that trap. I think part of it is my desire to finally feel wanted in my life and also that yearn we all have to feel loved. There have been times I needed to take a step back and evaluate the situation for what it is and take things a little slower.

        I’ve found that divorces don’t come out of a “lack of love.” It is often cause people give up and it is likely because of some issue that is not directly related to the relationship. People bring baggage into relationships and are often not whole, thus the relationship suffers. It seems that sometimes people’s baggage in a relationship only helps to magnify one another and create a perfect storm of chaos.

        People do have to be open to love. If you go into a relationship thinking it will fail, it will, cause you allow it to and look for the worst in everything. As you mentioned, you do need to work in a relationship. Relationships aren’t easy and there will be bad days. But a lot of people don’t understand that nor do they want to work at it.

        I need a lot of time alone and and I know you do as well. I will need the person I am with to understand that. I am just wired in that way. I like being around people but sometimes I just need that “me” time. And I will never ever date anyone that does not love themselves. Yes, we all have insecurities and fears. It is part of being human. But, I have dealt with enough people in my live that projected their anger and insecurities on me and I am done with trying to fix them. I learned the hard way you cannot.

        My goal was to add to someone’s life, but not become their life. Your partner should add to the joy you have but they shouldn’t be expected to be the one to bring you happiness.


  2. I think you have chosen to tackle a complicated topic by taking on “love”! Philosophers and poets have discussed, argued, mulled over this topics for centuries.
    I personally believe in love. However, I agree that sometimes people can get caught up in relationships where the idea of love is what might be occurring rather than love itself. I don’t even know where to begin if I tried to articulate a definition of love but having said that I believe I have felt love 🙂
    Your post and the comments it generated have been thought provoking!


    • I’m in agreement. There is not a single definition of love. I think what we perceive to be love changes as our experiences change and we mature.

      Obviously, there is both platonic and romantic love. I definitely believe in love too. I just think that it is clouded by people’s insecurities, issues, and fears. I think love is pure and sometimes people’s intentions are too. But, as humans, we just let our emotions get in the way.

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