We Knew

Because love doesn’t give up, people do…


We knew what we were to become,

It was foretold in our dreams,

Written upon our hearts,

And felt through the passion of our kiss.


We knew why time stopped,

The world stood still,

Being with you,

The magic of your touch.


We knew that it would never end,

How the circle would remain unbroken,

Being with you,

Forever doesn’t seem long enough.


24 thoughts on “We Knew

  1. The words “until death do us part” isn’t true. The love you’ve lost to death always remains a part of you. I wonder if, upon physical death we become part of the people we loved in life, a new spirit with another chance to understand?

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    • I’ve often found it ironic that the words “until death do us part” are part of marriage vows usually associated with a religious ceremony. Most organized religions have some belief in a form of an afterlife. Therefore, it would seem logical that the love would continue into the afterlife.

      Interestingly, many art forms have demonstrated reincarnation where individuals are continually joined, just in different forms, thus we are always with the same person. It is a thought provoking concept to say the least. Thanks for reading!

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