“I Really Like Your Last Name”

My last name is “Champagne.”

Yes, it is the same as the drink. Yes, it is spelled just like the drink.

For whatever reason, people get really excited about my name -especially women.

One day at work I needed some help with an internet application from a team that is located at another site. I sent my request via email and received a reply back from a female colleague we will call “Jenny Smith.”

After a few exchanges, Jenny was able to help me solve my problem. I shot her a reply letting her know I was now good and my issue was solved and thanked her for her help.

She replied with “No problem – by the way I really like your last name.”

Here was my mistake. Perhaps I am too nice. Perhaps I wasn’t thinking. Either way, I immediately regretted this decision. In attempt to be cordial, I replied and thanked her for the compliment and told her to have a good weekend.

That should have been the last of it. But it wasn’t. I got this reply back, “Oh, I will” and Jenny Smith signed her name “Jenny Champagne” along with a smiley face.

At that moment, I sat dumbfounded at my computer and envisioned myself in the movie Fatal Attraction with the knowledge that if I had a bunny, Jenny was surely boiling it.

Crazy Girl Meme




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