San Bernardino and Colorado Springs


Victims of the San Bernardino, California, terror attack

A nation cries,

Sons and daughters taken before its eyes,

The reckoning day is upon us,

Have we lost our way?

Cheap lies and alibis,

More excuses today,

No band-aid large enough,

To make this pain go away.


Searching for answers,

Reasons why,

Forgive them,

For they know not what they do,

Evil lives in the hearts of man,

The ultimate revenge for killing,

To take more lives,

Time to wake up,

God’s not listening this time.

Victims of the Colorado Springs, Colorado shooting.

Victims of the Colorado Springs, Colorado, shooting.

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9 thoughts on “San Bernardino and Colorado Springs

    • Thanks Richard. It truly is. Here is hoping that the leaders of the world can unite to defend themselves against those enemies who inspire to spread terror, whether they be foreign or domestic.


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