Friday night – December 18th nearing 10:00 PM. I live alone and am relaxing after a long week. Privacy is an idea not fully realized in apartment living. Lying down, I suddenly hear the crying of a female through the vent in my room. I mute the television only to hear her say, “but I love you” as she moans and sobs into the night. She feels alone and likely thinks she is but I am sharing the moment with her. Though apart, I can feel her emotion through the vent. Walls might separate us but in that moment no visual confirmation is needed to comprehend what has been done.



8 thoughts on “Walls

  1. I think a poet wouldn’t be able to ignore someone’s suffering and I know this apartment living you describe. This was beautiful! We are so close, yet so far away as humans it seems?


    • I think poets have a way to bring a mystique to all they encounter. I think even when we feel alone we truly are not because we are all bound by emotion.

      Thank you for the compliment. I am glad you enjoyed the piece!

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