December 21, 2015


Image copyright Jarrod R. Champagne, 2015.

This is my cat, Dandelion, and this is apparently how she sleeps. Or perhaps she is nursing a hangover. I can’t tell. This might explain why the Malbec in my wine bottle is slightly lower each day I come home. Orange cat syndrome in full effect.


12 thoughts on “December 21, 2015

  1. I pissed my non-orange cat off today by chasing her out from under the bed with a lightsaber. Never really thought I’d be saying that…. Happy Holidays to you and Dandelion.


    • A lightsaber? Toys R Us selling those now? It isn’t difficult to piss cats off. Sometimes they just wake up in that mood.

      Hope the holidays are going well for you, hubby, the kids, and non-orange cat!

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      • I say this is the nicest possible way (because surely by now you know how silly I am) but DUDE, haven’t you been to a store recently? I think they are making them out of paper towels rolls now and selling them at the craft stores. 🙂 Star Ways Mania is in full effect.
        Cats are funny that way, I haven’t owned many and this one is adopted, she will let you know her mood on any particular day – that is for sure.
        We are enjoying ourselves very much, hoping you are as well!


      • Haha yes, I know the Star Wars stuff is going crazy right now. I never got into Star Wars, whether it was the older ones or the current versions. It certainly is a cash cow though.

        Animals are comical because they all have their own little personalities like people. The cat I own now is named Dandelion and her entire point of existence is to sit in your lap.

        I’m definitely enjoying the time off here and the warm weather. I’m trying to make the most of it because I know it will not last much longer.

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      • I wish I had a lap cat! My cat Indie will get near you at times, but she’s just as likely to dig her claws in and jump right off. No Star Wars? Eh, I can really take it or leave it (don’t tell my husband though… 😉
        We have our windows all open today! Madness. But we know Winter is Coming eventually. Have fun today.


      • My other cat, who passed away this summer, was like that. She wanted to be as close to you as possible but didn’t want to be held, picked up, or in your lap. I had her for 17 years and if you picked her up she’d freak out. When she passed this summer, I held her for about 15 minutes after and I joked with the vet that it was the first time in 17 years she let me hold her.

        I like that the new cat enjoys sitting in my lap. Her personality is so different from my last cat. If you just touch her, like to move her, she starts purring. You can pick her up and hold her like a baby and she loves it. The only thing I have had trouble with is that animals have no space restrictions. So, she tends to sit, jump, and stand on my nether regions. So I have to protect myself at all times. Having never been one, I am not certain if it works that way for women.

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      • Lol, nope, they are pretty self-centered in that way. I can’t really protect my legs, but at least I got her to stop jumping on my head in the middle of the night! Someday I want a big orange boy. It seems like orange cats are always such sweeties. Every one I’ve met has been awesome.


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