8 Years Ago Today…

Together we played,

Together we lived,

Forever to stay,

A few years later,

Such a cold December,

The ending was near,

Together we fell apart,

Together we faded away.



11 thoughts on “8 Years Ago Today…

    • I think there will always be a sentiment of sadness due to what the event actually was.

      I also think the day has been properly slotted now, though it took some time to arrive at that conclusion. I’m past the anger and hurt I felt. As difficult as it is to swallow my pride and admit it, I needed this marriage, and subsequent divorce, to have an opportunity to learn and grow. Fortunately, I took it as such and used it to better myself. It became an avenue to begin a journey of change and growth so that I could begin to work to be the person I knew I could be all the time and find avenues to control the anger management problem I had developed.

      I came out of it a stronger person but only because I chose to. It was humbling to literally lose everything – my job, my house, thousands upon thousands of dollars, my marriage, my wife and everything I had worked for up to that point. But, I feel like I had lost myself and I needed this experience to find myself again.

      So I reflect upon it now as a snap shot in time. It is something I have accepted but I haven’t forgotten either.

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      • You seem to have a very healthy outlook on things. I’m glad you are moving forward.

        I remember the feeling, losing everything, and starting back at square one with who you are and what you’re going to do with yourself. I, like you, try to have no regrets. But then, I can’t regret my daughter, can I? 😉

        Thoughtful post, sir.

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      • Time marches on for all of us and I don’t want to waste whatever time I am allotted here regretting decisions or wasting time and energy on negative people and situations.

        I’ve always felt alone most of my life and sharing my story has helped in some regards to bridging that division. I am amazed at how many people I encounter that have had parallel journeys to my own. It makes sense as we are all human and human behavior is cyclical.

        I hope that you are doing well. You are a really amazing woman and I appreciate your friendship over the last year.

        You can regret your daughter when she hits the teenage years. (kidding of course) 🙂


    • Thank you Laine. I appreciate the kind thoughts and words. I feel good about the direct situation and have arrived in a good place. There is some collateral damage though that I am still working through.


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