Red Wine

Red Wine

Red, red wine,

So dark and dirty,

How it clouds my mind,

Velvet strokes when we’re alone,

I’m not certain which is dirtier,

The wine,

The thoughts in my mind,

Or how you lick your lips,

When I squeeze you from behind.


Red, red wine,

How it flows,

When I hold you close,

All senses lost,

No self-control,

Empty bottle on the floor,

Same place as our clothes,

Ebbs and flows,

Between the sighs and moans.



24 thoughts on “Red Wine

  1. Well this did wake me up since it´s 8 a.m here, hopefully I don´t read you at night, don´t want to spend the whole night thinking of sexual things. I do suffer from OCSF (Obsessive Compulsive Silly Flirt), rare condition really…
    Good reads !


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