On Hope


They had found the ending wasn’t difficult. The beginning of the end was. The anticipation burned like the love they had once felt. The time invested had been reduced to clamoring for hope. The allure of hope is that it is immeasurable and cloaked in mystery. We measure great moments of the past by “what ifs.” The paradigm of hope is that it allows us to live in veiled references to how things should be. The brevity of reality brings about the death of hope and we watch as it dissipates into an end. We rest on our laurels ready to resurrect hope to create a beginning in a vision where hope will fuel an eternal love that meets no end. Anticipation creates desires that flow from us in a cup that has no bottom but is quickly desiccated by the cruelty of reality. And it is there – that end we knew could always come – that isn’t necessarily what is difficult but that anticipation that it might trump the hope we had conjured and rested upon, realizing it is now no more.




13 thoughts on “On Hope

      • Most of our society has built their entire existence on the thought of “faith.” It gives us something to strive for. I am not wired that way though so it seems moot and foreign to me.

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      • Me too. I realized other this past Christmas Season exactly how far I’ve come from where I’ve started (being raised as a Baptist Christian). I don’t need a crutch, which is how I see most people use their Faith. Now I’ll shut up there before I get tomatoes thrown at me…


      • I find that most people that carry Faith are moving towards a non-traditional measure to worship including moving away from organized services and focusing on independent worship.

        I use to go to church services with my ex-wife when we were married and I felt like I had nothing in common with anyone there including the lack of Faith. No one seemed to be under 55 years of age.

        You are always welcome here and to discuss anything you please as long it is pertinent, or derived, from the topic of the post at hand. Never feel like you need to limit the conversation or your scope of thinking here. Free thinking and opinions are encouraged. Discussion helps us grow.

        I don’t delete comments when I don’t agree with people like some blogs.

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      • I have never had to delete any either, and thanks for giving me free reign to speak my own truth here. I’ve shied away from this topic, mainly because so many people get extremely fired up about it, and I don’t want to start an argument (though I easily could, don’t think I haven’t wanted to rant about it!).
        Mainly I take the ‘live and let live’ take on it, and try not to judge any person based solely on their belief system. There have been times in my life (long ago) when I needed to rely on one and it gave me a sense of comfort at that point, so who am I to fault anyone who still feels that way?


      • People can discuss ideas and have differing points of view but still be respectful of one another. I have just found that few people can do it. I am always willing to listen to other people’s ideas.

        We are all built upon layers of different ideas and experiences. I am always interested to meet with people and learn about their stories. We can learn from one another – but often we are close minded to the ideas of others.

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      • This is interesting to me, but you’re right. People get so fired up about their opinions, it’s as bad as telling them their favorite sports team sucks sometimes.
        I enjoy learning from people, being a listener and an observer. I try to pay attention to lessons. This is why I enjoy the elderly so much I think, they have way less barriers than most. I appreciate their candor.


      • I don’t mind people being fired up but realize that a different opinion does not constitute a personal attack and shouldn’t be taken as such. It seems that discussions seem to quickly spiral into name calling which isn’t necessary.

        I think the elderly just stopped caring about politically correct statements and hurting people’s feelings. I have arrived at that place as well.

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      • We’d sure have a blast chillin’ out at the old people’s homes, huh? 😉 Everyone gets way too offended these days, it is ridiculous!

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