Day 2 – Quote Challenge – 01/28/2016

Here is quote number 2 for the Quote Challenge from Ginni Deville!

Challenge rules:

1. Post three consecutive days.

2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.

3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.


I challenge everyone to post a quote about how you judge and measure people in your lives. Remember to link back to my blog so I can check it out!



11 thoughts on “Day 2 – Quote Challenge – 01/28/2016

  1. There is no man or woman inferior to another man or woman. Status created inferiority as it pertains to man. I am good with the word subordinate instead, but not inferiors. But I get it, it is a nice quote.

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  2. This actually makes me think about my parents. My mom loved and married my dad when he had everything going against him. My gold digger stepmother came along in fortunate times. She wouldn’t have given my dad the time of day if she knew him then. So this quote applies to women too.

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    • Yes, it does apply to both sexes. I think the quote including “man” is simply referring to a person. As you are aware, in America, we often use the term “man” to refer to mankind and “guys” when speaking to a group of people, even if mixed company or a group of women. I am uncertain how that came about but everyone seems to do it.

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      • Yes. I feel fortunate to have both a son and daughter and I’m sensitive to the way language in the culture has the potential to shape them. For example, my daughter has always been a physically stunning and charismatic human being. No photo has ever come near to capturing her aura as she walks in a room. When she was a child I didn’t read many fairy-tale princess stories to her. I complimented her on her intelligence, wit, compassion for others, good choices etc. I hoped her self worth would not be contingent on external beauty or some prince on his white steed. Not only did it pay off when the sirens of skankliness tried to bully her into believing she was unattractive in jr. high school but when her first husband passed away leaving her to raise their child. She has the right kind of confidence. I’ve already prated on too long but I need to be fair and mention that men are also molded by language. -Something deeper to consider as we write 🙂

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      • I am certainly living proof that men are molded by language. The things I was told have molded my entire existence, thought process, and how I view my life. For better or for worse, it has fueled my ambitions and most of the anger I hold in my life.

        I have little doubt you continue to be a wonderful mother. I tried very hard as well to dictate to my sister that she did not need to lean on to a man to be successful. I’m sorry to hear about your son-in-law’s passing.

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