Dedicated to Carissa and Amanda and others who still believe, even if you aren’t sure what you believe in anymore.


She still believed

Even if there was nothing to believe

And no one believed in her

She still would proceed

Even if all paths

Led to nowhere

And hurdles could not

Be overcome

She’d still try

Knowing that sometimes

We have to leave behind

The dissenters

Who always will leave

The fruit on the vine to die.


Because a little humor (and a friend) never hurt anyone..



8 thoughts on “Believe

      • My eyes have been opened to some wonderful writers, such as yourself. As a beginner in the writing world, I have also been introduced to some new writing styles and formats that I have incorporated into my own style as I continue to hone it.


    • I’m sorry you only post comments that you agree with. I didn’t post any “diatribe” nor did I attack anyone or use foul language on your blog or anyone else’s for that matter. I simply replied to a comment and posted my opinion backed with experiences as well as factual statements. I’m sorry to learn that is apparently not allowed on your blog.

      And I don’t appreciate you insinuating on my blog that I did things that are factually not true.

      Sorry to hear you won’t be following my blog anymore or reading my work. I do thank you though for the time we spent together and the many comments and conversations we shared.

      I wish you the best.

      Liked by 1 person

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