Through My Mother’s Eyes

I had a very interesting revelation a few days ago.

This year, I will be 9 years older than my mother was when I was born.


My mother and me at Disney World. I’m probably 7 years old here.

I thought about what year my mother was the same age as I currently am, and of course, the age I was at the time. I then did this for each year to where I could vividly remember both myself, my parents, and life in general. For each of these, I compared my mother to myself at the age we would both be. I thought about our experiences, the times we lived in, and how we faced challenges and situations.

I’m not really certain what I wanted to obtain out of this exercise. And to be honest, I am not even sure what conclusion I arrived at. But, it is interesting. We always see ourselves as young – no matter what age we are. Case in point? My grandmother, who just turned 94, told my father a few years ago that she doesn’t care to go down to the pool at her complex because there are “too many old people there.” Right.

I’ve never thought about being the same age as my parents because my parents always seemed “old.” Well, because they were old. They have obviously always been older than me. But it seemed like they were from a different time. And now, I am from a different time. Recent events have found me working with individuals in the theatre that are young enough to be my children. And it is clear to me they don’t see me as a peer but see me as “old.”

It is amusing though that, being the same age as my mother once was, I saw her as old at that time but still see myself as young. Everything is based upon perspective and our experiences. Have you had this experience or ever thought about this topic and if so, what conclusions, if any, did you arrive at?


11 thoughts on “Through My Mother’s Eyes

  1. Time is such a finicky “thing” isn’t it? The first time I experienced being thought of as older I was offended by the people I was with who expressed this. Then I was invited to a nephew’s wedding and found I was seated on the side of the hall with all of the “old” people and no longer with the children and young people. When did that happen!
    I have become more accepting of how old I am and where I fit into the scheme of things with my family, friends and co-workers but it is an uneasy coexistence 🙂


    • I have often considered time though the eyes of experience. I have often gravitated towards people that have had a lot of life experiences because I felt connected to them, regardless of their age.

      I appreciate your sharing your thoughts Mary and hope you have been doing well.

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  2. When I think about age in regards to my parents, it helps me understand their struggles/choices a bit better. I’ve also thought of it in regards to when I was in college, and the ‘old’ people there who were in their late 30’s – 40-ish were the best ones to have in your study group. Now I understand why, they know exactly why they are there, they are dedicated and more focused than your average wishy-washy 18-year-old.


    • They have more experiences due to age. I also find as I have gotten older I have mellowed in some regards.

      I have also come to understand some of the challenges that my parents faced at the age I am now. I obviously didn’t understand being a child and not having that real world experience. I regret a lot of the actions and feelings I had towards them at that time. Of course, I was limited by the life experienced I had then.

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      • I feel badly about when I gave them a hard time. I do understand their money struggle much more now, though I don’t remember really feeling that deprived as a kid. We are all limited, and I have apologized to both of them for being such a difficult teen!


  3. First of all, what an adorable picture 🙂 Second, your grandma sounds kind of awesome 🙂

    I think age is a state of mind. It’s horribly cliché, but you’re only as old as you feel. I have a friend at work that I email and joke with all day. We do lunch maybe three times a week. She’s fun and hilarious. And 60. And I forget that all the time.

    I’m 34. I refuse to feel old yet. I still want too much out of life.


    • I’ve often felt that chemistry is built upon experiences. It is usually related to age as we gain more experiences as we age but not necessarily always related to that.


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