On Strangers


Here, in America, two common phrases we teach our children are “Stranger Danger” and “Don’t Talk to Strangers.” The phrases are simply meant to dissuade children from talking to people they don’t know.

Why do we fear strangers? Strangers represent the unknown to us. And we fear the unknown and what we don’t understand.

But as for me, I fear what I know. Because people I have let close to me have hurt me far greater than any stranger.

We allow ourselves to be hurt by others and we put value on words and actions from those individuals we allow to be close to us.

There is risk in never knowing a stranger.

There is also risk in trusting no one and finding ourselves alone, forever, without any friends.


10 thoughts on “On Strangers

  1. Great thoughts here, Jarrod. I enjoyed the quote too. Lately, I’ve thought much about those I’ve believed to be my friends. I’ve decided those who didn’t choose to see me for who I truly am are really strangers after all. I think my mom was correct when she said ‘most people will only have two true friends in life.’ Maybe my heart is just slowing down, but I think that’s good enough for me.


    • Good to hear from you Laine. I didn’t expect to being that you told me you would be on hiatus.

      You have shared wise words as well. I am of the opinion that I don’t have a lot of friends but a lot of acquaintances. It isn’t a negative statement or a reflection on those I choose to associate with.

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      • Thanks, Jarrod. I’m posting a poem once a month and reblogging a second time in the month. I miss reading on wp. The problem is that reading daily continually inspires me to begin projects that I’m not completing.

        The Haunted Lullaby publishes a variety of writings that makes your blog one of my favorite reads. See you in a couple of weeks 🙂


      • I will look for the poem then each month. I appreciate the comment about my writing and that my blog is one of your favorites. I am truly honored. I’ve been very busy so I haven’t been posting but I will be picking back up.

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  2. Based–in part–on what I’ve read from Gavin de Becker, we had to counteract some “stranger danger” safety training Li’l D had at school a year or so ago. The risk isn’t in any and every stranger, but in those who approach and expect something from you.


    • That’s a very interesting perspective and something I had not directly thought about. The same logic could be applied to fair weather friends.

      Thanks for sharing that perspective.


  3. I love this. I’ve always hated how we’re taught that people we don’t know aren’t to be trusted, should be avoided, etc. It really closes you off to a world of people and opportunities and experiences.


    • I have tried to figure out exactly when this started in our culture but perhaps it just lends to our fear of the unknown and has always been that way for the majority of people.


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