Too busy living

Unaware I was dying

Holding the microscope

Life magnified in my eyes

A twist of the lens

Picture changed in my mind

Conscience cleared

Fears subside.



11 thoughts on “Microscope

  1. Hope this isn’t literal! I totally get this. It’s true. We are all dying. Take life now, don’t put it off. A very powerful poem.


    • I was dying but not in the literal sense. I was burnt out, frustrated, and unhappy. I was wasting my life away. The things in my life at that time were not connecting. I needed a change and to refocus. Sometimes small tweaks and changes have big results.

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      • You’re too young to ever feel these things but I know what you mean as I have felt them too at times and what I admire is that you did something about it rather than accept it. KUDOS my friend! You are so right too! Small things can have huge results. Wise beyond your years you are.


      • I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life but I’ve tried to learn from them. I think I mentioned this to you before but some of the most satisfying moments I have ever had in my life is when I am faced with a situation that I have previously faced in the past and made a poor choice. But now, I make better choices. That is rewarding and shows that I have made real changes and growth. I am proud of the person I am now but I didn’t always feel that way.

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      • My dear friend, I would love to meet a person who has not made lots of mistakes in their life. I do hear people say they have no regrets, I personally find that unrealistic but I do not doubt they believe it. I have regrets, I have made mistakes, it is life. A person is no less for having made mistakes since that is human nature and this world. We cannot be perfect, perfection does not exist, not on this earth, and even if it did, it would be like a thing of beauty without substance. Substance is often in the mistakes and the learning, the beauty of seeing. If we see too clearly first time around the lesson is more shallow than seeing through a mistake and being shown how the error needs fixing. I believe you when you say you make better choices, I see the evidence, it is that we admire in a person, not perfection. xo You should be proud – and it says a lot that you finally are, because it is a long time in coming and well worth it because when we can truly say we tried and we are proud of our efforts, we are real.


      • I have regrets but I also realize I did not have the right tools at the time to deal with the situations I was in hence I made poor decisions.

        I hear people say they wish they could go back. I would only go back if I could go back with the knowledge and experiences I have now. Other than that, I see no reason to. I am a much better person now than I have ever been. And I see no reason to go back and make poor decisions.

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      • EXACTLY like you I agree, if you don’t have the tools at the time you do as well as you can. I was thinking of that watching something on Netflix last night about Kurt Cobain it is a good documentary if you are interested, a lot about the choices we make when very young and how they catch up with us. I would never wish to go back I’m happy with me now, and I think you are too my friend


      • I struggled at times on my journey because I judged my past actions by the tools I have now and I had massive regrets. I had to learn that I only was able to work with the tools I had at that particular time. It didn’t excuse or reconcile my behavior but it allowed me to move past the guilt I felt and realize I had new tools and could make better choices now, which I have.

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      • My friend we all judge our past in one way or another, if we don’t maybe we should (a little) but getting past judging ourselves harshly can free us to live our lives fully as you are xo


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