Summer Sabbatical Over

The summer is nearly over and so is my writing sabbatical. I didn’t really plan to take a sabbatical but it kind of worked out that way.

It has been pretty busy here around the last four months. There have been a lot of life changes but for the most part positive and definitely needed. For the first time in a long time, I am really excited about the prospects and direction my life is heading. If you have followed my story, the last five to six years have brought along a lot of changes and it took quite a bit of work to get myself to where I wanted to be in my life personally and professionally. But with some hard work, perseverance, tough choices, accountability, and new direction, I am getting closer each day to where I want to be.

Allow me to recap:

April – I finished up work on the One Act Festival I participated in with Stage Door Productions. One Acts are short plays that are about ten to fifteen minutes in length. I directed one and acted in another. It was a lot of fun. What else…oh yeah, I announced I was leaving my job to take another position in northwest Virginia.


Clowning around at rehearsal

May – I left my job and began my new position. This required me to undergo four weeks of training as well as a commute of about 1 hour and 15 minutes each way as I started to look for a new home.

June – I passed my training which was a requirement to be able to have the job. No pass = no job. We had to take a four hour test concerning the applications of the job and to score at least 80%. I scored 92% so I was on my way. And, I purchased a home! This also required me to move from my apartment. Moving is no fun but in this case it sure was worth it! After five years, I am a homeowner again and I am so excited! I love working around the house and in the yard!


What a monumental day for me to open the door to my new home for the first time!

July and August – I continued to acclimate to my new surroundings both personally and professionally! Projects around the house to make it my own keep me super busy! I bought a 2013 4wd Dodge Ram to be able to work on the house and deal with the snow (I live in the mountains)! I’m also writing a murder mystery play for a friend which I am hoping I can get published!


This guy and I are having so much fun together!

Unfortunately, in late August, we lost my paternal grandmother. It is sad to lose her but we are proud to honor her life, legacy, and memory. She lived to be 94.5 years old and we remember her through the legacy she has left through her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

September – Time to get back to writing!

So there has been a lot to celebrate and it has all been the result of hard work and a willingness to want to grow and change. I feel very proud. I earned it. There were tough times but I persevered and I grew. I feel stronger now and I feel like I am where I need to be as a person. I keep in mind that as tough as some of those experiences were, I needed to experience them to be able to have the courage to admit I had some issues to address that I needed to improve on.

The rewards are sweet because of the work.

Hope your summer was good and you are well. I am looking forward to reading your work and interacting with everyone again. Thanks for your patience and as always, thanks for being a part of my community.



7 thoughts on “Summer Sabbatical Over

  1. I was so happy to see The Haunted Lullaby back in my email this morning! Welcome back and I’m glad things are going so well for you! Congrats on your new home and on your new truck. And I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother, though making to 94 is quite an accomplishment!


    • Thank you Sour! I am glad to be back and thank you for the congratulations.

      The feelings are certainly sweet and I am riding the high right now.

      Thank you for the condolences. When people die, it certainly is sad but I always choose to remember to honor their lives. Being 94, I think it is even more amazing that she lived and grew up in a time where people didn’t necessarily make taking care of themselves (diet, exercise, smoking, drinking) a priority in their lives. That’s what makes it truly amazing.

      I hope that you are doing well. I will be visiting your blog very soon to catch up and get back into the community!


  2. My Friend. I’m assuming by the Goonies quote that you have seen Stranger Things via Netflix and if not, you MUST as you will totally get it! Okay onto what you said here. Thank you for updating, you were missed, and I’m really glad the absence made you stronger in terms of your directions and everything falling into place. You deserve that, you work hard, you try hard, you deserve this. It makes me happy to know you have now your own home! And I wish you so many happy days driving in to the mountains (jealous!) and writing your screen play (exciting!) most of all please know here you have a bunch of people who believe in you and support you and nothing changes that. Like I said. You deserve it. xo


    • I have watched the first season of “Stranger Things” and I loved it! I did a little research and found out they are coming out with a second season! I can’t wait! I love shows like that such as X-files, Twilight Zone, or Outer Limits. I also love the whole 80s vibe to the show.

      Driving the truck around town is so much fun! Thank you so much for celebrating in my achievements. It makes me feel good to know I have good friends who are there to support me. And thank you for believing in me. That means a lot. Maybe more than you will know. Do know the feelings are mutual.

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      • I knew you’d like it! Oh I am totally crazy for X-Files what did you think of the eight shows they did recently? I heard Fox loved it and wants more I can’t wait. I think Duchovney dominated it and needs to give Anderson more of a role as she’s really the ‘actor’ between them, he’s just silly. But it’s a very sexist in the way it’s set up. That said, I LOVE the X-Files though I am not sure about the eight recent ones, they were a bit hokey but I was still happy to watch them. I love Hannibal I’m watching the entire three series for a second time that’s how good it is in my estimate, like poetry in motion really, such vivid beautiful photography and language (and Gillian Anderson is in it so who can complain?) the main character who plays Hannibal is incredible. I do celebrate your achievements because I know you well enough to know how hard you try, how deserving you are and how through your determination and commitment you got what you deserved. I am proud of you and I shall always believe in you. Please know in me you have a friend.


      • I liked it but I would like to see it be over. My friend thinks if it is coming back it will feature the two younger actors (the new agents). They won’t be able to recreate the magic of the show that was there before. Sometimes you just have to let things be what they are. I would hate to see the show “jump the shark” and become a shell of itself.

        I haven’t seen “Hannibal.” Is this the British show? Someone told me about a British show she was in that was excellent.

        Again, thank you. I appreciate all your kind words and friendship. Please know it is reciprocated.

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      • Yuck I would not watch it if Gillian Anderson and David were not in it, though I think like you, it should probably be over, and other things take its place, though i’m sentimental about shows i love! I think usually they cannot sustain themselves! you’re so right, if a show sells out it is the worst. Hannibal I didn’t want to see at first for that exact reason but i was SO surprised so do let me know if you like it. it’s not british though all the actors are foreign and mostly english xo xo xo


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