Strangers, Again


If I saw you

If I met you

With so many years passed


Like the first time

Or like time had stood still?

Unknown credit for image


6 thoughts on “Strangers, Again

    • Hi! Yes I am here! Sorry for the lengthy absence! I have taken an extended break. I got a new job in May and bought a house. I have been focusing on my new position and my home and recently was promoted into a new position!

      It has been a very busy time so I decided to take a break from the community but I am ready to come back.

      How have you been? I have missed you as well!

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      • I wanted you to know I had not forgotten you, that I missed you, that you mattered, that you were not forgotten in any way and that I had been thinking of you. I hope you are okay, I”m really pleased about the house and job working out last we spoke you’d just got the house so this is great news. Proud of you my friend! A promotion already! Wow! Good on you! I knew you could do it. BIG HUG!


      • Thank you so much Candice! I really have enjoyed and appreciated your friendship! You have always been very supportive of me and my writings. I hope I have been able to return the sense of friendship.

        I am very proud of the progress I have made. After many years since my divorce and working to find peace, I feel like I am there. It took a long time to rebuild and the journey was challenging but I feel like I am on the path I need to achieve fulfillment.

        How have you been doing? I am looking forward to becoming a part of the community again.

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