About the blog:

I welcome you, reader, to The Haunted Lullaby. A twisting, turning narrative, where the road begins but never ends and stairs and doors lead to no where. A place where reason and emotion meet somewhere in between. Here, bounds are non-existent and ideas are limitless. Insightful perspective, poetry and random thoughts will all be shared. Feedback and comments are encouraged as then the real fun begins.

The rules are simple:

1. Think outside the box

2. Write freely

3. Discussion, disagreement, and banter are encouraged but personal attacks will not be tolerated

4. Have fun

So come one, come all, let’s think, write, and share. If you like the blog, tell a friend and give it a “follow”, and come ready to discuss. If you don’t like it, then share with an enemy, and I’ll try do better next time.

About the author: 

Armed with the Southern charm of yesteryear, I hail from the beautiful and mystical Savannah, Georgia. I grew up in Louisiana and armed with a dream, moved to Virginia where I currently reside. My interests are eclectic and vary from writing, poetry, acting, theater, and gardening to muscle cars, lifting weights, running, heavy metal and hard rock music, and firearms. I am never stuck in neutral and always moving forward. Armed with a .38 special, a dose of Southern hospitality, and what I am told is the bluest eyes you have ever seen, I look forward to meeting you, sharing ideas, and living life my way.

Vivere est cogitare (To live is to think)

Please contact me at thehauntedlullaby@yahoo.com to lavish me with praise or scorn me with negativity! Neutral comments or general feedback is also encouraged and feel free to leave me your blog address if desired so I can check you out!

Find me on:

Facebook – The Haunted Lullaby

Twitter – @THL_Blog


57 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow…. So after your comments on my space, I thought I’d come have a look and, I’m a follower, your words are beautiful and thoughts provoking (and you’ve got my favourite kind of accent. 😉 ). I look forward to reading lots more of your posts.


    • Thank you for the kind words! I’m glad my writings have struck something inside of you! I look forward to sharing more works on the blog! Please feel free to comment as you please! 🙂


  2. Hi Jarrod! Thanks for the Versatile Blogger Award nomination earlier! I’ve in turn nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award, because well- your blog definitely deserves it! You can check it out here 😀 Have a lovely day!


  3. Hey, It’s Abigayle from F&F. Things didn’t work out the way I originally planned and unfortunately I had to move my blog.


  4. Hey there Jarrod, found you through beastofarticulation since I write, badly, but I hang up there once in a while a “poem” of mine.
    Been browsing through quite a bit of your blog, great writing indeed. I won´t say it´s bad since your carrying a .38 so I love your writing!!!
    On a serious note, glad I have stumbled upon your blog.


    • Hi there Charly! Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate it! I appreciate you coming over and checking out my site. I feature a number of different writings here.


      • Hey Jarrod, it was nice I stumbled upon your blog. I like the diversity of your writings and your writing style. If the day had more hours…..I´d try to read everybody every day.


  5. Hi Jarrod, I have nominated you for The Real Neat Blog Award. I bet you are quivering in excitement… or perhaps you might be hitting your head against a wall repeating the phrase “Not another award, not another award!” You don’t have to accept this award, but I would love for you to pop over to my blog and come celebrate! There will be imaginary champagne, disco balls and a drumming cat! What more could one want? Hehe. If you’re interested click on the link: https://insidethelifeofmoi.wordpress.com/2015/04/29/my-big-fat-award-ceremonystrike-two/


  6. You had me at “the system is weak”, southern hospitality, and the “other worldly” feel to your blog. From one southerner to another, glad to be here. I don’t follow blogs often, so yours most definitely caught my attention.


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