A Midsummer Night’s Dream Wraps Up

We finished up the Shakespeare classic “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” on July 31st. It was a really great event!

On Thursday, July 23rd, Friday, July 24th, and Saturday, July 25th, we were in Hurkamp Park in historic downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia. I loved the space! Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Service was kind enough to setup tents and a stage for us!

Hurkamp Park is actually really interesting. There were some signs posted that had some historical information. The Park used to be a cemetery until the bodies were dug up and moved to another location right after the American Civil War! Gulp! Note: Fredericksburg was one of the main areas of fighting during the Civil War. There were four separate battles in the immediate vicinity.

We had almost 200 people show up on Thursday, 250 on Friday, and over 350 on Saturday! Simply incredible! There is a large fountain (which can be seen in the upper left corner of the photograph below) that had to be turned off so people could hear the dialogue because people were sitting so far back from the stage.

Check out this awesome photograph courtesy of Kevin Bates.

Midsummer Night's Dream Hurkamp

On Thursday, July 30th, we moved to Spotsylvania Courthouse Village. The weather got rough and we got rained out 28 minutes into the show but the last show on Friday, July 31st, was much better! It was hot and the cast was looking right into the sun but we had a great show! Comically, five minutes after the show, King Theseus (aka me) released the royal waters, as the sprinkler system went off, sending everyone over the age of 8 out of the way of the water and everyone under the age of 8 straight into playtime!

Check out this amazing video that Kevin Bates put together that shows our efforts! (See if you can spot me!)



Memories Were Made

Image Copyright 2015 - Jarrod R. Champagne

Image Copyright 2015 – Jarrod R. Champagne

Image Copyright 2015 - Jarrod R. Champagne

Image Copyright 2015 – Jarrod R. Champagne

I’m now a shell,

Viewed from far away,

But in these walls,

So many memories were made,

They laughed,

They cried,

The place where Grandpa died,

Sprawling land,

Cozy nook,

Old climbing tree,

Small kitchen where they cooked,

Thanksgiving and Christmas,

Each and every birthday,

Secret diaries,

Puppy love,

First crush,

Leading to first heartbreak,

Panel behind the closet door,

I kept those secrets locked away,

I sheltered each of you,

Growing from babies,

To sweet little children,

And into such beautiful ladies,

As you moved out on your own,

Development won the land,

Abandoned I became,

Soon I will be torn down,

But do not shed a tear,

Remember me fondly in your memories,

Because in me your lives were built,

Don’t be afraid,

There in your heart,

I will always stay.

This house sits off of Route 17 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It has always intrigued me being that the land around it now contains an Arby’s and a 7-11 convenience store. When the house was in its prime, I imagine the land was very different. It is apparent that no one has lived in it for many years. I have always liked abandoned buildings and homes. I always tried to imagine what occurred there and the history surrounding the area.

These Walls

I was inspired by a post from a fellow blogger that made me think of the old historic Salem Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where intense American Civil War fighting occurred over May 3rd and 4th of 1863, during the Battle of Chancellorsville. The church was used as a hospital to attempt to help the wounded. Over 4,000 men were killed or wounded during the battle.

Here are some pictures of the church followed by my piece.

Salem Church was built in 1844. The date of this image is unknown. Image Courtesy of www.hellenicaworld.com

Salem Church was built in 1844. The date of this image is unknown.


A present day view of Salem Church. Image Courtesy of www.examiner.com (Penny Anderson)

A present day view of Salem Church.

The scars still remain from the intense fighting that occurred here on May 3rd and 4th of 1863. Image Courtesy of www.examiner.com (Penny Anderson)

The scars still remain from the intense fighting that occurred here on May 3rd and 4th of 1863.

If these walls could talk,

What would they say?

They keep their secrets hidden within,

A sort of mystery,

A piece of history,

That no one can hear,

No one can see,

Forever silent,

For only they to keep.

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Adventure Brewing Company

This afternoon we checked out Adventure Brewing Company here in Stafford, Virginia. It is a brand new microbrewery that just opened this May. We ordered a beer flight and enjoyed it out of a holder shaped like a canoe!

Beer Flight...in a canoe!

Beer Flight…in a canoe!

The beers were, from left to right:

1. Backpack Wheat – I’m not typically a big wheat beer fan but the beer was smooth and nice on a crisp day like we experienced today.

2. Expedition IPA – Smooth IPA with great caramel color.

3. Hops infused Expedition IPA – too many hops for my liking, but a very unique idea. If you like hops, this is the beer for you! See below for more on this beer.

4. Stiletto Stout – My favorite. Great chocolate and coffee flavors.

5. Wicked Nymph Stout – I liked this one a lot as well. Definitely a beer you would want something to eat with due to the high alcohol content.

For more detailed descriptions of the beers, see the menu image below.

Adventure is just getting off the ground but there was already a lively crowd there. The crew opened up the large doors to the warehouse where the brewery is housed and it allowed for a cool breeze to enter the establishment!

There were a number of beers available to try including an IPA that was directly infused with fresh hops. The group had purchased an apparatus from Dogfish Head up in Delaware that allowed for beer to be moved into a glass container where hops, orange peels, or the like could be infused, then the beer could be moved to a second glass container where the foam head could bubble off. It was definitely a unique setup I had not seen before.

Freshly infused hops! Image credit: Adventure Brewing Company

Here is a listing of the beers we tried:


I met one of the owners named Stan Johnson. He was very friendly and full of information. He let me know big things are on the horizon from the company including a Blueberry Wheat, a Brown Ale, and a Bacon Beer! You will definitely want to check those out!

Anyways, if you are local, I would recommend checking this place out! Don’t forget to visit the food truck on-site to complement your beer! They had a BBQ truck on-site today! Too bad we had just eaten lunch and I was too stuffed to eat more! I came close though, as I love BBQ!

Here is a link to their website and their address is the following:

33 Perchwood Drive, Stafford, Virginia 22405.

Be sure to visit and say hello!

Image copyright of Adventure Brewing Company

Image copyright of Adventure Brewing Company